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    Major Calendar Plugin Upgrade

    We're happy to announce a software upgrade that adds exciting new functionality to our plugins!

    As you may know, our Calendar plugin comes bundled with its own CalDAV server, allowing you to connect to it using external calendar applications. However, many customers mentioned they already have a running CalDAV server to which they'd like to connect their Roundcube calendar.

    We have now added this functionality to the Calendar plugin, so if you're running your own CalDAV server, such as NextCloud, you can easily view and edit its events directly in Roundcube!

    Ai Composer Plugin for Roundcube — Now Available for Download

    We have released our AI Composer plugin for download—originally only available in Atlas Webmail. The AI Composer plugin is immediately available for free download for all Plugin Mega Pack and Ultimate Package customers and is also available for individual purchase from the Pick and Choose selection.

    The AI Composer seamlessly connects Roundcube with OpenAI cloud services to enhance your email composition process.

    Customization options include

    Introducing a new AI-Powered Composer Plugin

    We're thrilled to announce the launch of an incredible new Roundcube Plus plugin: an AI-powered email composer! This innovative plugin connects to OpenAI GPT to transform the way you write email messages. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to efficient, personalized, and engaging emails!

    All you need to do is provide a prompt and the AI will generate the entire message for you! Write in different styles and languages; customize the message length and creativity level -- writing emails has never been easier!

    Major Plugin Upgrade - PHP 8.2 and RC 1.6.1

    We have just released a major upgrade to all the Roundcube Plus plugins. Let's take a look at some of the highlights:

    • All our software is now fully compatible with PHP 8.2 and Roundcube 1.6.1.
    • The 2FA plugin got Twilio support for sending SMS messages and a new option for bypassing authentication for trusted IP addresses.
    • We added a lot of new translations and updated the existing ones. All the plugins are now fully translated into 16 languages. (If you find any problems with the translations, feel free to correct them and send us the updated translation files; we'll include them in the source code in the next upgrade.)
    • A lot of work has been done under the hood to make the plugins more reliable and more secure.

    Skins and plugins compatible with Roundcube 1.6

    As you may know, the latest version of Roundcube (1.6) has just entered the release candidate stage. We're pleased to announce that we have just released an upgraded version of our skins and plugins that are fully compatible with this new version of Roundcube.

    We have also upgraded a few of the plugins, with the News Feed undergoing the biggest changes. Along with improving the way the RSS previews work, we've fixed a potential security vulnerability, so if you're using this plugin, you should upgrade to the latest version as soon as you can.

    New Roundcube Plugin: WebDAV with Nextcloud support

    We're happy to announce that we have just released a new plugin: WebDAV! It works similarly to the other two cloud plugins we have: Dropbox and Google Drive; it allows the users to attach files (or insert links) from a WebDAV server to a message composed in Roundcube, or save attachments from incoming messages to WebDAV.

    Currently only Nextcloud servers are supported, but the plugin has been created with the potential for adding other services in the future.

    Major plugin upgrade

    Today we have released a major upgrade to the Roundcube Plus plugins that has been in the works for the last few months. The calendar plugin was a major beneficiary of this upgrade and received an extensive code overhaul and a lot of new functionality.

    Roundcube 1.5.0 released

    As you may be aware, yesterday the Roundcube team has released a milestone upgrade to the Roundcube program: version 1.5.0. This long-awaited upgrade introduces a lot of new functionality and fixes a lot of bugs and issues. We have been working on making our skins and plugins compatible with Roundcube 1.5 for many months now, ever since it first became available for beta testing. As a result, all the Roundcube Plus plugins and skins are fully compatible with this latest release of Roundcube out of the box. Additionally, all our software supports the dark mode, which is a feature that many of the Roundcube users have been waiting for.

    End of Summer Upgrade

    We're happy to announce a major end-of-summer upgrade that introduces a number of big improvements to our skins. We've re-worked all the skins to fully support the native Roundcube logo configuration with the addition of some options that are only available in the Roundcube Plus skins. Of course the light/dark mode of Roundcube 1.5 is fully supported. We've added the "Skin Look & Feel" functionality to the Larry-based skins, included some new fonts and icons, and refreshed the look of all the skins, fixing a lot of UI issues in the process.

    Plugin upgrade Nov 25, 2020

    We have released an upgrade to the calendar, background, and signature plugins. For the most part the upgrade consists of bug and UI fixes, but it includes one new feature as well: support for the Whatsapp and Telegram social items in the signature plugins. It's now possible to include links to those services in the signature footer. The upgrade is available for download from our customer area. If you use Atlas Cloud, the new functionality has already been integrated for you.

    Upgraded Email Scheduler, Calendar, and skins

    We have released an upgrade that fixes a number of bugs and introduces some new functionality to the Email Scheduler and Calendar plugins. The Scheduler got a new, user-friendly date/time picker that works natively on mobile devices, an update of its UI elements, and some new translations. The Calendar got a major upgrade of its core components with improved support for PHP 7.4 and over 20 bug fixes. The upgraded skins can properly style and display the newly introduced visual elements.

    Skins and Plugins compatible with Roundcube 1.4.7

    The Roundcube team has just released a new security upgrade to the Roundcube program (version 1.4.7,) which prevents cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks via HTML messages. We have tested the latest version of our skins and plugins with this newly released version and are happy to report that they're fully compatible. If you're running the latest version of our software, you can safely upgrade to Roundcube 1.4.7.

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