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    Font fixes and upgrades

    We have just released a new version of the skins that focuses on font and UI improvements. The problems with the bold font in Outlook have been fixed; Litecube and W21 got new font faces; and the font loading has been optimized in all the skins. The latest version of the software is available for download in our customer area.

    New iCloud login screen

    We're pleased to announce that we have just released a new version of the iCloud skin with a new and improved login screen. The new version also fixes some problems on the mobile devices. The upgrade is available for download in the customer area of our website.

    New upgrade available

    We're pleased to annunce that we've released a new upgrade of the skins and plugins. The upgrade includes Polish translations for all the plugins and fixes some issues with the calendar import functionality. The upgraded files are available in the customer area.

    cPanel compatibility upgrade

    We have just released a new version of the skins and plugins that focuses on compatibility with the latest version of cPanel. As you may know, Roundcube under cPanel runs in a special environment that limits some of its functionality: cPanel blocks some sound and image formats, puts Roundcube in an iframe, and removes the header bar from the top of the page. All those restrictions create functionality problems under some browsers. This latest upgrade fixes a number of issues that the skin and plugin had with the user interface.

    Calendar and skins upgraded

    We've upgraded the calendar plugin and the following skins: Outlook, Alpha and W21. The upgrade includes user interface fixes that mainly affect the Internet Explorer and Firefox users. We've converted the calendar sounds to new formats to make sure they play properly in all browsers; upgraded the calendar grid component to its latest version; added hints to buttons and fixed the toolbar icon size. The upgraded version of the calendar plugin and the skins are available in the customer area.

    New version of the skins and plugins

    We've just released an upgrade to the skins and plugins that adds some new functionality and fixes some small user interface issues. The new functionality includes the mail quota information displayed in the mobile skins, the current time indicator in the calendar, and full support for the filters plugin. The new version is available in the customer area of our website.

    Skins upgraded

    We have just released the latest update to our skins and plugins! The new release includes some essential fixes (for example, corrected paths for asset inclusion) and new functionality (for example, being able to specify separate branding logos for printing email messages.)

    We encourage you to upgrade your Roundcube skins, the latest release is available for download in our customer area.

    Skins upgraded

    A new version of the skins (4.9.1) has been released. The upgrade includes a few user interface tweaks and adds the missing message list display and sorting options to the mobile skins. The new version is available in our customer area.

    Skins compatible with Roundcube 1.2.1

    We're pleased to announce the upgraded version of the skins that are compatible with Roundcube 1.2. The new packages are available for download in the customer area.

    Roundcube 1.2 is a major release that introduces a lot of fixes and new features: it's compatible with PHP 7, it includes functional PGP encryption via the Enigma plugin and the Mailvelope browser extension, it allows dragging and dropping attachments from the mail preview to the compose window and much more.

    This latest release received a lot of security updates, so upgrading is highly recommended.

    Compatible with Roundcube 1.1.5 and rcguard

    We'd like to confirm that our skins are fully compatible with the latest release of Roundcube (1.1.5). Since this new version introduces a number of security fixes, an upgrade is highly recommended.

    We're also pleased to announce that we've upgraded our skins to be fully compatible with the rcguard plugin. Rcguard displays reCAPTCHA on the login page after a set amount of invalid login attempts: a useful feature to prevent email account hacking.

    To upgrade your skins, download the latest version from our customer area.

    Upgrade and stay on the cutting-edge

    Our skin received a lot of attention lately as we released several upgrades introducing fixes, improvements and new features! On the desktop front, we've enhanced the compatibility with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, made the skins fully compatible with the cPanel release of Roundcube, and included support for three new plugins: managesieve, threecol and markasjunk2. We've also fixed a lot of issues that our users reported to us. The mobile versions of the skins also received a lot of improvements: • new icons and colors,
    • iPhone interface upgrades,

    Latest Release 4.6.4

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    Change log 

    4.6.4 (2015/04/28)
    - updated the login page to show the myroundcube taskbar
    - login page css fixes
    - moved some code from the skin to rcs_skins to make the system more compatible with third-party plugins

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