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Atlas - RoundcubePlus in the Cloud

    What is Atlas?

    Atlas is a fully maintained white label webmail application in the cloud

    Atlas provides a maintenance free RoundcubePlus webmail client that connects to your existing mail server. Administrators have full control over customizations and webmail features for unlimited servers and domains through the online dashboard.

    Manage your webmail user interface from the Atlas console

    Atlas Cloud comes preloaded with all our webmail apps and skins. Simply create an account, then pay-as-you-grow -- allowing you to scale & customise, adding and removing users without limits.


    Always be up-to-date with the latest security patches and new features. Much like your Tesla car, it gets better and better with every update.

    No Migration

    There's no need to move your emails anywhere or compromise your data by sending it through traditional webmail apps like GMail. With Atlas you get a worldclass webmail service while keeping your data and emails secure on your own servers.

    See How It Works

    Deploy a worldclass webmail service in just a few clicks

    How to add Roundcube plugins using the Atlas console

    How to get started with Atlas

    These tutorials below will take you through a step by step Atlas setup.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Atlas

    Do I need to update or reinstall when a new version is released?

    No. Atlas keeps your Roundcube, skins and plugins always up-to-date for you. No maintenance or re-installation required.

    Do I need to migrate my emails over to Atlas?

    No, there’s no migration. All emails & accounts stay on your existing server.

    How Many Servers Can I Use With Atlas?

    You can use unlimited domains and servers with a single Atlas account.

    What kind of support is available?

    We’re here to help if you run into any trouble. You can reach us through our helpdesk.

    How does the pricing work?

    It’s a month by month subscription and can be canceled at anytime.

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