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7 Nov 2019

We have just released a new upgrade to our skins and plugins. The new version includes a lot of fixes, some new functionality, and is compatible with Roundcube 1.4 RC2. Although Roundcube 1.4 has not been released yet and it should not be used in production, you're welcome to test it with our plugins and see how they look and work. Just keep in mind that the compatibility is still in beta and we don't officially support it yet.

The new version of the skins and plugins that we have just released can be downloaded in our customer area.

10 Oct 2019

If you had problems with the calendar not displaying properly the events created using Outlook Synchronizer via CalDAV, you'll be pleased to know that we have just released a new upgrade that fixes this issue. We have also fixed some other calendar problems: being unable to delete single instances of repeated events in some browsers, and not displaying the month translations in the small sidebar calendar for some languges. The newly released upgrade is available for download in our customer area.

24 Sep 2019

It seems like the latest version of the Chrome browser has created some user interface issues with our skins. Today we have released an upgrade that fixes these problems. If you're experiencing any skin-related UI issues on Chrome, download and install the latest version of the skins (and the xskin and xframework plugins) to get them fixed. The latest version of the skins is available in the customer area.

17 Sep 2019

We have just released an upgraded version of the email schedule plugin, which enables the users to delay and schedule the sending of their messages. The upgrade will be especially important to those who write their messages using non-latin characters, as it fixes the encoding problem that occured when editing the scheduled messages. The new version also includes some user interface fixes. If you're currently running the older version of the email scheduler, you can download the latest version by logging in to your Roundcube Plus account.

6 Sep 2019

We have released a software upgrade that includes important security fixes. If you're using the Roundcube Plus plugins we urge you to download the latest version and upgrade as soon as you can. Besides fixing the security issues, we also fixed a few UI problems, upgraded the third party libraries, added some new functionality and new translations. The file upload functions will now re-save the images to reduce their size on the server; you'll be able to give your customers a limited access to their own Roundcube configuration files; and if you're planning to upgrade to Roundcube 1.3.10 released a few days ago, you can rest assured that the skins and plugins will work properly.

Important changes introduced in the latest upgrade:

11 Jul 2019

We're happy to announce that all the plugins are now available in French! With this new addition, the Roundcube Plus plugins are fully or partially translated to six commonly used languages. If you'd like to check out the new French translation or the functionality of the plugins, view our online demo:

2 Jul 2019

If you have used our Weather plugin, you may have noticed that sometimes it had a problem with getting the weather data for some locations. For example, if you wanted to get the weather for Portland, Maine, USA, you'd always get Portland, Oregon instead. This was due to the limitations of the Openweathermap service used by our plugin, which doesn't support narrowing down the location by specify a region or a state.

3 Apr 2019

We're happy to announce that our skins and plugins are fully compatible with the recently released version of Roundcube: 1.3.9. If you're using the latest version of our skins and plugins, you can safely upgrade to this new version of Roundcube. If you'd like to find out more about the changes brought about by this latest upgrade, follow this link:


2 Aug 2018

A new Roundcube upgrade is available: version 1.3.7. All our skins and plugins are fully compatible with this new version, so if you're running the latest version of our software, you should be able to upgrade without any problems.

What's new in Roundcube 1.3.7? It contains several bug fixes and a security fix for the way OpenPGP is used. If you'd like to read more about this latest relese, here's the release announcement.


1 Aug 2018

We've just released a new upgrade to the calendar and framework plugins. The calendar sharing options got updated: it's now possible to choose which users will be notified when a calendar is shared with them. A new color management system helps with assigning colors to calendars and events, and the calendar list UI got refreshed to make sure it's clearer and works properly with all the skins.

5 Jun 2018

A new, major upgrade to our skins and plugins been released! All the plugins are now fully compatible with Postgres as well as the new Elastic skin that will be included with the upcoming version of Roundcube.

27 Feb 2018

We've released a new version of the software that fixes some small interface problems and makes the skins compatible with the two factor authentication plugin (twofactor_gauthenticator.) The upgraded files are available for download in the customer area.

22 Jan 2018

As you may have heard, the Roundcube team is developing a new skin called Elastic. The skin will be responsive and will be usable on desktop devices, tablets and phones. It's still in the works and it will take some time before it's released, but we'd like our plugins to be fully compatible with Elastic as soon as it's ready. We started upgrading the plugins to make sure they work with both the current Larry skin, the Roundcube Plus skins and the new Elastic skin.

It will take some creative work to make sure the plugins are versitile enough to work with all the skin variations our curstomers would like to use, but the work is going well, and we're confident we'll have the plugins ready by the time Elastic is released.

17 Jan 2018

We have tested our skins and plugins on the recently released Roundcube 1.3.4, and we're pleased to announce that they are all fully compatible and don't need to be upgraded. So if you're planning to upgrade to the latest version of Roundcube and you're using the latest version of our software, you can do it safely and your current versions of the skins and plugins will continue to work fine.

Roundcube 1.3.4 fixes some bugs and makes the program fully compatible with PHP 7.2. You can see the list of all the changes here.

3 Jan 2018

We have just released the first software upgrade this year! It's a minor upgrade that fixes some issues and bugs in several of our plugins. The new version of the software is available in our customer area. Happy New Year!

11 Dec 2017

We have just released a new version of our skins and plugins with full support for multi-domain configuration setup. This functionality makes it possible to create different config files for different domains.

Say you run one Roundcube installation that is accessed via two different domains and you'd like to display a different logo image for each domain. Now you can easily accomplish that by enabling the Roundcube 'include_host_config' option and creating two config files for the xskin plugin: one for each domain.

6 Dec 2017

We're happy to announce a release of a major upgrade to our Roundcube skins and plugins! We've been working on the improvements and fixes for this upgrade for a number of weeks.

Background images on the login screen

The background plugin got new functionality: it can now display full-screen background images on the Roundcube login page! We have prepared a special gallery extension that includes 366 images. Using this extension, you can configure the xbackground plugin to display a new image every day! The gallery can be downloaded from the customer area of our website. If you'd like to see how the images on the login screen look in real life, visit our demo. Click the two invisible buttons in the top right and left corners to navigate.


9 Nov 2017

Yesterday the Roundcube developers released a new version of their software (1.3.3,) which contains an important security upgrade. A recently discovered file disclosure vulnerability makes it possible to read Roundcube's configuration files from an active session. This is very dangerous because it exposes your database to hackers. Roundcube 1.3.3 fixes this problem.

Considering the severity of this issue, we have also released an upgrade to our skins and plugins, which is fully compatible with Roundcube 1.3.3. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your production Roundcube installations and the Roundcube Plus skins and plugins as soon as possible.

1 Nov 2017

We have released an upgrade to the skins and plugins that fixes some problems, introduces new functionality and makes sure that the software is compatible with the latest version of Roundcube (1.3.2.) The upgrade introduces some new skin config options that simplify customization and make it possible to enforce the default skin on all the user accounts regardless of the current user preferences. The licensing system has been upgraded and the problems with the incorrect instance count have been fixed. The Calendar got some improvements in its import and notification email procedures and the skins got a few minor UI improvements.

5 Sep 2017

As you may have noticed, the Roundcube team released a new version of their software yesterday (version 1.3.1). All our skins and plugins are fullly compatible with this new release.

Version 1.3.1 is a long-term release which fixes a number of bugs, a potential XSS vulnerability and optimizes the program to run on the latest version of PHP. It's highly recommended that you upgrade all productive installations to this latest version.

The complete list of fixes is available here: