Signatures with embedded images

14 Feb 2020

Did you ever have a problem with your email signature images being blocked on the recipient's end? This is a security feature employed by most respectable email services to make sure the sender doesn't have a way of knowing whether or not their emails have been opened.

The same problems plagued our signature plugin. It made it possible for the users to easily create stunning signatures, only for those signatures to be stripped of their images by services like Gmail. We're pleased to announce that this is no longer a problem! We have introduced a new feature to the signature plugin that enables the users to encode and embed their signature images directly into the email. Embedded images pose no security threat and are not stripped by services like Gmail!

The new config option called 'embed_signature_images' lets the admins specify the default embedding value for all the users on the server. Additionally, the individual users have an option to turn it on or off in their signature settings. Please keep in mind that the users who have saved their signatures before this option became available will need to re-save them to take advantage of this new functionality.

The newly released upgrade also includes some fixes for the scrollbar problems, and enables the overwrite_css config option for the Elastic-based skins and even the Elastic skin itself. The latest upgrade is available for download in the customer area of our website.