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Major Upgrade to RC 1.4 for All RC+ Skins & Plugins

    Roundcube 1.4 Elastic is finally here. It's a fully responsive version of Roundcube and we have re-engenieered all our skins and plugins to work with this exciting new version. 

    You will also find new+ skins, Outlook+, Driod+, GMail+. Those are specificly made for the Elastic version of Roundcube 1.4.

    We also decided to keep the older versions of the skins and port them over to 1.4. This will give you and your customers time to transition or keep the old ones if you prefer. 

    This upgrade is FREE for all customers with active licenses and can now be downloaded from your customer area

    A few upgrade highlights:

    - All plugins and skins are now fully compatible with Roundcube 1.4.x
    - 3 new responsive skins: GMail+, Driod+, Outlook+
    - More customizable settings, now you can change the fonts, sizes, colors, icons and more
    - Overall UI improvements and fixes for all plugins and skins