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18 Oct 2011

I come across many questions on various forums asking why there are so few Roundcube skins. Users don't understand why such a widespread and fast growing system like Roundcube can have so few theme choices.

25 Aug 2011

We have upgraded the RoundCube Alpha and LiteCube Mobile themes to version 1.1. RoundCube includes functionality for inline display of PDF mail attachments, but Alpha Desktop and both mobile themes had problems handling this properly. The problems have now been fixed and PDF attachments can be viewed and scrolled. On the iPhone, use one finger to scroll the main page, and two fingers to scroll the pages of the displayed PDF.

We have also fixed the mail column widths in Alpha Desktop, so the subject line always fills all the available table space.

3 Aug 2011

LiteCube 2.0 has been released. The desktop version of the skin is free for personal use. The full package, which includes the desktop and the mobile skins, is available under a commercial license.

3 Aug 2011

We’re pleased to announce that the long awaited Roundcube Alpha skin has just been released! But it’s much more than just a Roundcube skin, it’s a package that includes a desktop theme, a mobile theme and a plugin that selects either one depending on which browser is used.

The way this works is pretty simple. You install two themes: "alpha" and "alpha_mobile". You install the Theme Selector plugin. Now if you check your mail using a desktop browser, say, Internet Explorer, the "alpha" theme will be loaded. If you use an iPhone, "alpha_mobile" will be loaded.

15 Mar 2011

We launched the LiteCube skin, you can grab a free personal version from our website. You can also buy the commercial version to be used in a business environment.

23 Sep 2010

Yes, this is taking longer than expected. We also have many other projects we're working on and client requests for our other skin site so launching this new skin will continue being a work in progress.

We are trying to develop a genuinely good user interface, simple, user friendly yet aesthetically pleasing. We're gathering input at this early development stage, drop us a comment and we'll consider it!

17 Aug 2010

Zero cost and Lite features make this a very attractive new skin for Roundcube. It's a free download. Give it a try.

Based on Roundcube 0.4-stable version. We will be updating the skin for each new stable release so you will always be up-to-date with a working skin.

*Free for personal use. Commercial licenses available.


-We are just finishing the design for the all the inside pages (address book, settings, read mail etc...).

-We're expecting to have this ready for download by the end of August.

-Because of our recent office move we have had to push this project forward one month to the end of Sept.

*The difference between the personal and commercial licenses.

23 Jul 2010

We're please to announce that we, at NutsMail, have begun working on roundcube skins. Roundcube offers many benefits as a webmail client, including some nice ajax features such as drag and drop and right clicking options.

Roundcube already looks good which is probably why there aren't many skins out there. However we wanted to add some variety and offer skins for anyone wanting to change the look and feel, needing something less like everyone else is using.

Free Skins

We will also be creating some free skins along with our premium versions. We hope there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

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