Welcome Announcement

23 Jul 2010

We're please to announce that we, at NutsMail, have begun working on roundcube skins. Roundcube offers many benefits as a webmail client, including some nice ajax features such as drag and drop and right clicking options.

Roundcube already looks good which is probably why there aren't many skins out there. However we wanted to add some variety and offer skins for anyone wanting to change the look and feel, needing something less like everyone else is using.

Free Skins

We will also be creating some free skins along with our premium versions. We hope there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Shopping Cart and Downloads

We will be integrating our NutsMail cart into Roundcubeskins.net in the near future. You will be able to use the same account for both NutsMail and Roundcubeskins for your downloads.