LiteCube Roundcube Skin

17 Aug 2010

Zero cost and Lite features make this a very attractive new skin for Roundcube. It's a free download. Give it a try.

Based on Roundcube 0.4-stable version. We will be updating the skin for each new stable release so you will always be up-to-date with a working skin.

*Free for personal use. Commercial licenses available.


-We are just finishing the design for the all the inside pages (address book, settings, read mail etc...).

-We're expecting to have this ready for download by the end of August.

-Because of our recent office move we have had to push this project forward one month to the end of Sept.

*The difference between the personal and commercial licenses.

  • Our definition of commercial is using the skin for paying customers or business websites.
  • Our definition of personal use is for yourself on a non-businesses, non-profit website.

Commercial licenses will get premium email support.

For the free version please refer to the forum page for help.

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