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13 Sep 2013

Roundcube 0.9.4 is out and we have just finished fixing our skins to be compatible with it. If you're planning to upgrade to this new version, you should also re-download and upgrade the skins, especially the mobile skins, since they will not work properly with 0.9.4.

22 Aug 2013

The release of our skins for Roundcube 9.x brought about the best and the latest that technology has to offer. One of the major improvements was including SVG images in all the mobile skins.

And what's so great about SVG? It solves icon display problems on the modern high-resolution smartphones. Because the smartphone screens nowadays use more and smaller pixels, they scale up whatever they display to make it readable to human eyes. When fonts are scaled it's not a problem because they are vector-based and when their size changes they don't lose quality. But images like JPEG or PNG are not vector-based and when they scale up, they become blurred.

20 Jun 2013

Our latest skins for Roundcube 0.9.2 have been released! The desktop skins are more complete, take full advantage of the new Roundcube functionality and work faster than before. The mobile skins have been re-designed from ground up to be compatible with both smartphones and tablets and to provide the best user experience yet!

The mobile skins will adjust their appearance depending on whether they're viewed on tablets or smartphones. They will display the folder sidebar, the expanded menus and the action toolbar on tablets, but use a different, space-conserving layout on smartphones.

16 May 2013

Work is still in progress to make our skins compatible with Roundcube 9. This upgrade is taking a bit longer than usual since we're re-creating the skins from scratch to make them even more complete and user-friendly. And we're introducing something completely new: skins for tablets! This means you'll be able to choose in your options what skin will be used for your desktop, phone and devices.

We're hoping to release the new skins soon! Keep yourself updated!

26 Feb 2013

As the Roundcube Team keeps upgrading the program and making it better, so do we regularly upgrade our skins to make them more complete and user friendly. This time it was the mobile skins that got a push forward in functionality: some of you reported that there was no way to expand or collapse the mail folders in the popup window on the mobile devices. We've added this functionality and you can now have full control of the mail directories in the mobile skins.

If you have an active license for our Roundcube skins, you can download the upgraded packages from our store. All skins currently available in the customer section of our store are fully compatible with Roundcube versions 0.8.0 to 0.8.5.

22 Feb 2013

We're two months into 2013 and if you've been sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for a new version of Roundcube, you can shift back now and get comfortable. Roundcube 0.8.5 has just been released and and we're glad to say that our skins are compatible - no skin upgrades needed this time around.

The Roundcube team did some bug fixes and improvements, as well as fixes for a recently reported XSS vulnerability. So, don't hesitate to upgrade.

21 Jan 2013

We're pleased to announce that we have re-written and improved the plugin responsible for selecting the skin depending on the device type being used to browse the webmail. The plugin is now more accurate in differentiating desktop devices from mobile devices, and the user can specify in the options what skin should be used on desktop and what on the mobile browsers.

This change makes it possible to use, say, the W21 skin or even the Larry skin on the desktop devices and one of our mobile skins, for example, Alpha Mobile on the mobile devices. For a hands-on demonstration of this new functionality, visit our demo site and navigate to Settings / User interface.

12 Dec 2012

For some time now we've been working on creating a fully-featured corporate email hosting service based on Roundcube. We're glad to report that the work is going very well and we're nearing completion! This unique hosting service will be a specialized solution that will allow companies to outsource their entire email system to our servers. For example, if you own the domain "", you will be able to host "" on our server and your entire mail system will be handled by us--you'll never have to worry about it again. And you'll always get the latest and the best in corporate webmail technology available anywhere!

16 Nov 2012

Roundcube 0.8.4 was just released, it includes some important security fixes, so we encourage all our customers to upgrade. The latest versions of our skins are fully compatible with Roundcube 0.8.4.

For your convenience, here's the Roundcube 0.8.4 download link:

We now have our free LiteCube skin available at Sourceforge as well, you can download it here:

14 Nov 2012

The Roundcube team released a new version of Roundcube this week (0.8.3). Most of the changes include program bug fixes and language pack updates and there are no changes in the skin templates. This means that you can safely use your skins from 0.8.2 in your 0.8.3 Roundcube installation.

When upgrading, please keep in mind that the skin files are located not only in the "skins" directory, but also in some directories under "plugins". If you don't copy the skin template files to their corresponding plugin directories, some of your plugins might not work. To be safe, re-download the skins from our website and copy them to your new Roundcube installation.

26 Oct 2012

"Bravo" is the last of our skins to be upgraded to Roundcube 0.8.2. As with the previous upgrades, it supports all the functionality offered by the latest Roundcube version. The upgraded download file is available in our customer area.

24 Oct 2012

iClassic, one of our most popular desktop skins for Roundcube, has been upgraded to be fully compatible with Roundcube 0.8.2. It now supports all the latest Roundcube functionality while maintaining its trendy looks.

If you're using iClassic with Roundcube 0.8.2 we encourage you to upgrade to this latest version, and if you're not using any of our skins yet, we encourage you to try them! Browse the gallery to see how our skins can make both your desktop and mobile webmail experience better!

23 Oct 2012

We're happy to present a new skin for Roundcube called Outlook! Its layout, design and color combinations follow the time proven and highly successful schemes seen in Microsoft Office. It comes with both desktop and mobile version and a plugin to automatically switch between them. The screenshots are available here.

You can add this great skin set to your Roundcube for only $49 by visiting our store.

22 Oct 2012

We have finished the work on upgrading LiteCube and W21 to be fully compatible with Roundcube 0.8.2. If you're running any of those skins on the latest version of Roundcube, we suggest you upgrade to take advantage of all the newest functionality that they offer.

We have also upgraded all of our mobile skins and fixed the word wrapping problem on plain text messages. All the upgrades are available in our customer area.

18 Oct 2012

We're pleased to introduce to you the latest member of our Roundcube skin collection: the Corporate skin! Its design was first made popular as a theme in Ensignia Mail, our other email skin project. Corporate is based on time-tested principles and is equally liked by commercial corporations and academic circles.

As with all of our skins, the Corporate package includes both the desktop and the mobile skin versions and a plugin to automatically switch between them. It's fully compatible with the newest version of Roundcube (0.8.2). 

17 Oct 2012

We have upgraded the desktop version of Alpha to be fully compatible with Roundcube 0.8.2. We have also made sure that the skin contains all the functionality included in Larry. We're now working on upgrading the rest of our skins in the same way. Their upgraded versions should be available within the next few days. You can download the upgraded Alpha from our customer area.

9 Oct 2012

We have upgraded all our mobile skins to be fully compatible with Roundcube 0.8.1.

If you're having problems with out-of-place text in the message list on your mobile device, download and install the upgraded mobile skins from our customer area.

27 Aug 2012

Check out W21, our newest Roundcube theme release for both desktop and mobile browsers! Since the name is a bit of a mystery, let me explain. For many years we had a very popular Ensignia theme called Web 2.0. When upgrading the designs of our themes to make them look more modern, we renamed the theme to Web 2.1, or W21 in short.

W21 is one of the most smooth and modern themes in our collection. Its features are refined to perfection, which will be especially appealing to those with an artistic streak. Preview screenshots are available here.

14 Aug 2012

We're pleased to announce that all of our Roundcube skins (both desktop and mobile) have been upgraded and are now fully compatible with Roundcube 0.8! They are also backward-compatible with Roundcube 0.6 and 0.7, so our current clients using the earlier versions of the program can upgrade safely.

3 Jul 2012

We're happy to announce that one of our flagship themes so far available only to Ensignia users is now available for Roundcube! The theme bundle includes three items:

  • iClassic desktop theme (for desktop browsers)
  • iClassic mobile theme (for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone)
  • Theme selector plugin (switches between the desktop and mobile theme depending on the device used)

Taking into consideration your comments concerning our other mobile themes for Roundcube (Alpha and Litecube), we have designed iClassic Mobile to provide an even better user experience: the buttons and popup menu links are larger and easier to press and the page designs are more space-efficient. iClassic Mobile is the first in our new generation of mobile themes.