Latest Release 4.6.4

20 May 2015

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Change log 

4.6.4 (2015/04/28)
- updated the login page to show the myroundcube taskbar
- login page css fixes
- moved some code from the skin to rcs_skins to make the system more compatible with third-party plugins

4.6.2 (2015/04/07)
- added the rcs_login_branding_<skin> and rcs_frame_branding_<skin> config variables for specifying company logos
- removed the support for the (skin) marker in the skin_logo variable
- fixed hover star and flag icons in the message list
- fixed spellcheck dropdown button
- fixed spellcheck button highlight when active
- fixed spellcheck list checkbox icon

4.6.1 (2015/03/17)
- fixed additional field icons on the compose page