Roundcube 0.9.2 skins for tablets and smartphones!

20 Jun 2013

Our latest skins for Roundcube 0.9.2 have been released! The desktop skins are more complete, take full advantage of the new Roundcube functionality and work faster than before. The mobile skins have been re-designed from ground up to be compatible with both smartphones and tablets and to provide the best user experience yet!

The mobile skins will adjust their appearance depending on whether they're viewed on tablets or smartphones. They will display the folder sidebar, the expanded menus and the action toolbar on tablets, but use a different, space-conserving layout on smartphones.

You'll be able to "drag-down" to refresh the message list, enjoy easier navigation and larger buttons. All the mobile icons have been re-created using vector graphics, so they will appear crisp and clear on devices with high resolution screens.

The new options plugin that previously allowed the selection of different skins for the desktop and mobile devices now allows the selection for desktops, tablets and smartphones. You'll also enjoy the new skin selection interface that uses convenient popup windows and thumbnails.

If you're not using our Roundcube skins yet, we invite you to try them! Giving your users the ability to check their mail on tablets and smartphones is a must nowadays and a one-time fee of $49 (for one skin) or $99 (for all the skins) is a bargain!

If you haven't seen our skins in action yet, test them at our demo site.

To select and buy the skins, click here. Enjoy!