Mobile Gestures. Update 4.7

25 Jun 2015

Swipe Gestures Available With Upgrade 4.7

The newest version of has arrived with exciting new updates for mobile users. We've optimised the software to enhance the physical design. Swipe gestures are now available for a more fluid navigation of your roundcube mail.

Swipe left or right - see what happens.


4.7 (2015/06/10)

- upgraded and changed the looks and functionality of the mobile menu
- added mobile message list gesture: pull down to refresh
- added mobile message list gesture: slide left to open message options
- added mobile message view gesture: slide the header left/right to go to next/previous message
- fixed and made available some mobile submenus that were inaccessible
- fixed folder list indentation
- fixed mobile folder subscription table expand/collapse icons
- added the "Use mobile skin" link to the top menu of the desktop skin
- changed order of the mobile menu items to make them more accessible

Upgrades are now available here!