Skins upgraded to Roundcube 0.6

21 Oct 2011

Two of our Roundcube skins, LiteCube and Alpha, have been upgraded to version 2.0 and are now fully compatible with the newly released Roundcube 0.6. If you have purchased these skins, you can download the new versions in our customer area. Please note that the new themes will work properly only with Roundcube 0.6. They will not work with any previous versions of Roundcube.

This upgrade concerns only the desktop skins. The mobile skins (LiteCube Mobile and Alpha Mobile version 1.1) are compatible with Roundcube 0.6 without needing any upgrades.

I'd also like to mention that since in most cases Roundcube skins are not backward compatible, we'll continue actively developing only the latest versions of the skins. The previous versions (compatible with the older versions of Roundcube) will be available for download, but will not be fixed or upgraded anymore. So if you submit any suggestions or bug reports, they will be implemented or fixed only in the skins compatible with the latest version of Roundcube. If you're using an older Roundcube version, we encourage you to upgrade to get the latest and best of what our skins have to offer.

Our demo has also been upgraded to Roundcube 0.6.