Skins and plugins compatible with Roundcube 1.4 RC2

7 Nov 2019

We have just released a new upgrade to our skins and plugins. The new version includes a lot of fixes, some new functionality, and is compatible with Roundcube 1.4 RC2. Although Roundcube 1.4 has not been released yet and it should not be used in production, you're welcome to test it with our plugins and see how they look and work. Just keep in mind that the compatibility is still in beta and we don't officially support it yet.

The new version of the skins and plugins that we have just released can be downloaded in our customer area.

When Roundcube 1.4 is ready, we'll also release several new skins that are based on the responsive Elastic skin. The skins will of course be fully integrated with our plugins and will have some new and exciting configuration options to customize their look and feel. The picture above shows the new, fully responsive Outlook+ skin running on Roundcube 1.4.