Software upgrade released: bug fixes and UI improvements

12 Mar 2020

We have just released a new upgrade to our skins and plugins that includes some fixes and UI improvements. Here's the summary of the changes:

We created a system to fix the default PHP date formatting that swaps the day and month values in the dates formatted as d/m/y. The users in the countries where this formatting is common (for example, Brazil) will have no more problems with creating recurring calendar events.

We discovered that the Google Drive Javascript code imported by the xgoogle_drive plugin interfered with the scrollbar functionality in Roundcube. This problem has now been fixed, and those using the Google Drive plugin should have no more issues when viewing very long messages.

In order to make sure the calendar invitation emails don't end up in spam on some systems, we have added some additional headers to the outgoing emails.

We changed some icons in the icon font and updated some styles in the skins, which should improve the overall UI experience. We have also made some small tweaks to the code that make it run smoother.

The new release is available for download in our customer area. We encourage you to download and upgrade it on your server.