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New “Undo Send” Feature in RC+

    New “Undo Send” Feature Available In RoundcubePlus Webmail

    Tecorama has just released Undo Send as a new feature in the Email Scheduler roundcube plugin.

    With Undo Send you will be able to cancel an email just before it leaves your outbox. You can choose between 4 time delay options or disable the feature completely. These options can be changed in the Email Schedule preferences tab in your webmail settings. Here is a short tutorial for Undo Send.

    Undo Send is a useful email tool that will temporarily delay the sending of a message. Some use cases as an example: you may have prematurely hit send, or you send a message, then realize you still need to make some edits; by delaying the sent message for 3-15 seconds, you have just enough time to cancel the process before it leaves your outbox for good. 

    Undo Send was also designed to give you maximum view of your email for one last glance while the countdown is completing.

    How To Get "Undo Send"

    Atlas (cloud webmail option): FREE for all Atlas customers, you will now have the Undo Send feature automatically included in your webmail application. Don't have an Atlas account?
    You can sign-up for Atlas for free here.

    Download: For all download customers, you can purchase a copy of Undo Send here. If you bought the Ultimate Pack it will also be available FREE in your customer downloads. 

    You can also try the Undo Send feature on our demo here - go to compose mail and send a test email. Also be sure to check out the short tutorial and video demo here.

    System Requirements

    PHP: 5.6 or Higher

    Roundcube: 1.3.x or 1.4.x

    Database: MySQL / Postgres

    System: Cron Job

    Config: Drafts Enabled