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Signature designer upgraded

    The newly released Signature plugin introduces a lot of exciting functionality. The logo images can now be uploaded in SVG format, which means that the images can stay sharp on high resolution displays. All the social icon images have also been converted to SVG and optimized to improve their quality and minimize their size.

    A new config option allows the admins to specify the default signature logo, which eliminates the need for the employess to search for and upload the company logo in their signature builder. Again, if the default logo is provided in SVG format, all the employees will enjoy the improved image quality out of the box.

    The embedding of the logo and social images is now a permanent option. When images are embedded in the emails, they're not blocked by the recipients' email programs. Making the embedding permanent eliminates the need to provide a static URL through which the images files can be accessed, which was not possible to set up under cPanel. The new version of the Signature plugin is fully cPanel compatible.

    The final signature HTML code has been optimized and reduced in size, which will make the outgoing email messages smaller. A number of customers requested that we add the Signal communicator to the social items list. This has now been done and the users can include their Signal accounts in their signatures.

    Besides the above-mentioned changes, there were a lot of smaller improvements and fixes: the German translation has been added to the plugin; the dark mode UI isssues on Roundcube 1.5 have been fixed; the social icon layout formatting has been updated; the bug that caused the text color options not to be applied properly has been fixed; and a lot more!

    For those with active licenses, the upgraded Signature plugin is available for download in our customer area. It's also included in the Atlas Cloud platform, which always runs the latest versions of our software.