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Skins and plugins compatible with dark mode

    We're happy to announce the release of a major upgrade to our skins and plugins. The upgrade includes an assortment of new functionality and a lot of bug fixes. Let's highlight a few improvements.

    The dark mode

    As you may be aware, Roundcube 1.5 (currently in beta) introduces an exciting new feature: the dark mode. We decided to make our skins and plugin compatible with it already so that our customers could upgrade to Roundcube 1.5 as soon as it gets released. You'll be happy to know that as of today all our plugins and elastic-based skins are fully compatible with Roundcube 1.5 and its dark mode.

    The calendar

    The calendar plugin was one of the major beneficiaries of the newest upgrade:

    1. Event email notifications. Along with the previously supported popup notifications, it's now possible to add email notifications to calendar events. Additionally, the notification settings were expanded to support more scheduling options.

    2. CalDAV VALARM support. This means that the event notifications created in Roundcube are now propagated to the third-party applications that connect to the calendar via CalDAV and vice-versa.

    3. CalDAV deleted events support. It's now possible to delete single events from repeated sequences in the third-party applications.

    4. CalDAV compatibility with iOS devices. The calendar plugin is now fully compatible with iOS CalDAV calendar app and the issues with double events have been resolved.

    5. Holiday and Google calendar support. Due to some policy changes in the Google API, the holiday and Google calendar integration has not been working properly. We have now re-worked this functionality and both the calendar types are again available.

    The new version of the calendar includes a lot more changes and fixes: the calendar grid component was upgraded to a new version; mobile support was improved; the ability to click on navigation dates was added; the translations were updated; and much more. The full list of the features and fixes is included in the calendar's change log file.

    The email scheduler

    The email scheduler got a face lift, received a new config option for delaying the cron execution, and its email sending function got upgraded to be thread-safe. This means that it's now safer to run it on balancing servers. 

    The skins

    Besides upgrading the elastic-based skins (Droid+, Outlook+, GMail+) to support the dark mode, most of the skins received some upgrades to their user interface: new task menu button popups, fixed icon positioning and size, etc.

    Other upgrades

    In order to increase the plugins' compatibility, we changed the policy concerning the email originor in the messages sent by the plugins. When a plugin sends an email (for example, an invitation to an event) it will now be sent using the user's identity address instead of the login address. This fixes email address problems in some more complex server environments.

    We have also fixed and updated the icon fonts, for example, we added the icons needed to support mailvelope. Additionally, all the old gif loaders were replaced with animated font loaders.

    In the backend, we've enhanced the url returning functions and database upgrade functions, so the plugins work better on the proxy server setups. The newly added support for the "skins_allowed" config setting makes it easy to limit the skins that the users are permitted to enable.

    The upgrade files are available for download in the customer area of our website. We encourage you to upgrade the skins and plugins on your server to enable your users to benefit from the newly released functionality.