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End of Summer Upgrade

    We're happy to announce a major end-of-summer upgrade that introduces a number of big improvements to our skins. We've re-worked all the skins to fully support the native Roundcube logo configuration with the addition of some options that are only available in the Roundcube Plus skins. Of course the light/dark mode of Roundcube 1.5 is fully supported. We've added the "Skin Look & Feel" functionality to the Larry-based skins, included some new fonts and icons, and refreshed the look of all the skins, fixing a lot of UI issues in the process. For example, all the skins correctly recognize the primary and secondary buttons; the html editor on the compose page is styled correctly to reflect the skin settings; and much more!

    Several plugins also got some UI fixes and some new functionality, for example, it's now possible to set the time span for the calendar agenda view. The plugins' translation files have also been updated and completed.

    The new upgrades are available for downloads in our customer area.