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Roundcube 1.5.0 released

    As you may be aware, yesterday the Roundcube team has released a milestone upgrade to the Roundcube program: version 1.5.0. This long-awaited upgrade introduces a lot of new functionality and fixes a lot of bugs and issues. We have been working on making our skins and plugins compatible with Roundcube 1.5 for many months now, ever since it first became available for beta testing. As a result, all the Roundcube Plus plugins and skins are fully compatible with this latest release of Roundcube out of the box. Additionally, all our software supports the dark mode, which is a feature that many of the Roundcube users have been waiting for.

    You can read the 1.5.0 release notes here:

    Click on the images below to see how our skins and plugins look under Roundcube 1.5.