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Major plugin upgrade

    Today we have released a major upgrade to the Roundcube Plus plugins that has been in the works for the last few months. The calendar plugin was a major beneficiary of this upgrade and received an extensive code overhaul and a lot of new functionality. We have added server-side caldav scheduling support, which means that the calendar plugin can now send and process email notifications for event attendees added by third party caldav apps. The program also supports the invitation/response/cancellation functionality in the way that's compatible with most other caldav systems. Besides that, we've added a number of other new features: exporting shared calendars; calendar count badges, and more! We have fixed a large number of issues and problems reported by the users, upgraded the calendar security and improved the user interface and experience.

    Additionally we have upgraded the base components used by the caldav server, which bumped the minimum required calendar PHP version to 7.1. This is currently the only Roundcube Plus plugin that requires PHP 7.1; the rest can still be ran on PHP 5.6 or higher. It's worth noting that all our plugins are fully compatible with PHP 8, so upgrading to the latest version of PHP should not affect the operation of the plugins.

    The calendar plugin wasn't the only one to receive upgrades and fixes. Here are some other highlights:

    The 2FA plugin got some code fixes that eliminated a few potential errors; the wallpaper plugin's compatibility with the dark mode was improved and the problems with file uploads were fixed; the email scheduler's queue was upgraded to run in local time and got a new deletion confirmation dialog; the last login plugin's map coordinate and date formatting problems were fixed. A few plugins got translated to Italian and Czech and some other translations were updated. Several skins were also upgraded and some UI issues have been fixed.

    Another important change brought by this upgrade is that we are officially dropping the support for Roundcube 1.3. The skins and plugins might still work on that version, but we won't be targeting it in our development anymore and we won't be able to provide technical support for it. Roundcube 1.3 is very old by now and this change will help us focus on providing better support for the newer versions that are used by most of our customers.

    We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of the skins and plugins as soon as you can; it'll provide a much better experience for your users. The upgrade is available for download in the customer area of our website.