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New Plugin Available: Two-Factor Authentication

    The next step in helping our users keep their Roundcube email data safe is now available with the release of two-factor authentication for Roundcube. After receiving many requests for a multi-factor authentication plugin for Roundcube we it is finally here.

    Our 2FA plugin is the first in a series of webmail security pluigns we are developing to make your webmail communications more secure. Find the 2FA plugin here: Two-Factor Authentication

    Adding the Two Factor Authentication to your webmail is an important step to secure your email box from hackers. The 2FA plugin gives your entire Roundcube webmail setup that extra layer of privacy & security. Once installed all email accounts using Roundcube will have multi-factor authentication options, keeping your emails safe from unwanted intruders. This plugin is designed for companies with strict security mandates and includes all major two-factor authentication options.

    We added not just one authentication factor but 4 different options. You can choose to use 1 or more as a backup. The plugin also works with the USB Yubikey hardware authentication. Other options include, mobile app authentication which is compatible with the most popular TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) apps you can find in the app store such as Google and Microsoft authenticator. 

    Two-Factor authentication through text messages are also available as an option; a security feature many will be used to using with a host of applicaitons already. The text messages are editable from a config file giving administrators the ability to add custom messages or brand it for their institution. The plugin is simple to install. 

    If you prefer a non-install option, 2FA is offered to our Tier-1 and included for all Atlas Cloud customers at no extra cost. To access a fully managed Rroundcube Plus, login to the Atlas dashboard and click the enable button to start using it. Don't have Atlas yet? Get started here - no fees.

    Listed below are some of the highlights:

    • Four Authentication Methods
    • Mobile App Authentication (TOTP)
    • SMS One-time Passcode (OTP)
    • Email One-time Passcode (OTP)
    • Yubikey Hardware Tokens
    • Backup Authentication Methods
    • Recovery Codes Generator
    • Compatible with 3rd Party TOTP apps 
    • Compatible with Google and Microsoft Authenticators
    • Customizable Verification Messages
    • Customizable Email Authentication Notices
    • QR Code Scanning for TOTP Apps
    • Option To Enforce 2FA
    • Option To Disable 2FA