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Major Calendar Upgrade

    We have released a new version of the Roundcube Plus software that includes a major upgrade to the shared calendar plugin. Here are a few highlights:

    Added Calendar Export

    It's now possible to export all the events from a calendar to an iCalendar (ics) file with one click! Simply edit the calendar, go to the new "Import / Export" tab and click the "Export" button!

    Added Timezone Support

    The calendar events now support the start and end timezones. The timezones are being dynamically recalculated in relation to the timezone set in the Roundcube options and the events are displayed accordingly. The timezone information is also included in the exported files and the CalDAV data, so the events are properly rendered in external calendars. Notifications also respect the event's timezone information, so the alarms should sound at the correct time regardless of where you are.

    Extended Support for Deleted Events

    The individual events that have been deleted from recurring sequences are now included in the exported ics files and propagated via the CalDAV connections to external calendars. When importing data from ics files the deleted events are also being preserved. The additional bonus is that all the deleted events are displayed in a handy list when editing the recurring sequence, so it's easy to restore them!

    Updated UI

    We have made a number important improvements to calendar and event editing user interface. It's now easy to un-assign an event from a category by selecting a new "No Category" option; the names of events and calendars are now empty and focused to make the editing easier; the button order and positioning has been modified; the recurring events controls have been improved.


    We have also fixed a number of bugs and issues: events spanning several days are now displayed as they should; long URLs in the event preview don't cause problems; dragging-and-dropping events updates the notification settings; the repeating rule decoding works as it should; and much more!

    Besides the fixes to the calendar, we have also upgraded the xframework and the xskin plugins. The xskin upgrade includes one particularly important user experience fix: the display of the correct skin when logging out of Roundcube 1.4.x.

    The three elastic-based skins have been upgraded as well: Droid+, GMail+, and Outlook+ now include the missing disabled state button colors.

    We encourage you to upgrade your Roundcube Plus software to the latest version as soon as you can! Of course, if you're using Atlas Cloud, there's no need to upgrade anything! It always includes the latest version of both Roundcube and the Roundcube Plus skins and plugins!