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How to setup 2FA for Roundcube

    Adding Two Factor Authentication to your webmail is an important step to secure your email box from hackers. The 2FA plugin gives your entire Roundcube webmail setup that extra layer of security. Once installed all email accounts using Roundcube will have multi-factor authentication options, keeping your emails safe from unwanted intruders. Follow the steps below to get your Roundcube secured with Two Factor Authentication.

    1. Download the plugin from the members area

    After you purchase the 2FA plugin, you get an instant download link in the members area. If you have not purchased the plugin yet, you can find it here: Two Factor Authentication Plugin

    2. Follow the simple setup instructions

    The installation is quick and simple just follow the setup instructions included in the download. Once installed, all email boxes using Roundcube will get two-factor authentication options.

    3. Sign in to Roundcube to enable 2FA

    Once you are logged into Roundcube navigate to Settings->Two Factor Authentication to enable 2FA. Each email account will be able to setup its own preferred security option.