Atlas 10 — FREE

How we can help your businesses continue to grow and thrive without increasing overheads during this time of uncertainty. We are offering our support and resources by releasing ALL our Roundcube+ skins and plugins in the cloud with 10 boxes completely FREE. Sign up for this free resource.

The offer is available for all founders, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses - reduce IT support requirements and infrastructure expenses while still maintaining professional company emails for your organization while working remotely.

If the 10 user quantity is not sufficient for your businesses, you may require additional boxes, contact us for alternative solutions & support available during this time. We hope this will be a benefit to you and businesses.

Atlas 10

Atlas provides an attractive browser-based, responsive, fully featured webmail application in the cloud. Atlas serves as an alternative to popular email solutions available from Office 365 and GSuite (often charging $5+ per user) No credit card or coupon required to redeem offer, just sign up.

  • Advanced admin console
  • Customizable interface
  • White-label (use your logo)
  • Custom subdomains
  • Unlimited domains
  • One click plugin setup
  • Mobile friendly
  • Secure SSL encrypted

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support is available?

General support is available & you can reach us through our Helpdesk or visit our Knowledgebase for other tutorials and support.

Do you offer a trial or demo?

Yes. Our Atlas 10 package is completely free forever. Give it a test run with on any device

Is it secure? Do I need to migrate my emails over to Atlas?

Keep your company data secure on your own server, no email or user migration. Atlas is like a desktop email reader that uses your own server so you don't need to change or move anything.