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CalDAV Calendar

    Plugin Type: Webmail Productivity Software

    Enhance your Roundcube webmail experience with our CalDAV Calendar plugin. Enable, manage and synchronize calendars directly within Roundcube using CalDAV functionality.

    The CalDAV Calendar is a shared calendar plugin that offers a comprehensive set of features you’d expect from a top-tier cloud calendar service such as Google Calendar.


    Key Features: 

    • Enhanced Collaboration: Shared calendars for team collaboration. Schedule meetings, send invites, track RSVPs and set reminders. 
    • Calendar Management: Create, set re-occurring events and modify invites and events.
    • Real-Time Synchronization: Sync calendars for real-time updates across devices - mobile, desktop or tablet.
    • Dropbox and Google Drive Compatibility: Attach files directly from cloud storage to any event.
    • Integration to other calendars: Publish your Roundcube calendar to Google Calendar and Apple iCal to view all your schedules in one place. 
    • Integration from other calendars: Link and view all scheduled events from Google Calendar and Apple iCal in your Roundcube Webmail calendar page.
    • Customizable User Access: View, manage and invite co-workers to your calendar and control their access levels. 
    • User-Friendly Interface: Drag and drop events for quick adjustments. Color-code calendars. Hide and show events.
    • Event Support: For multiple address books (including CardDAV) when adding event attendees.
    • Security: CalDAV utilizes HTTPS encryption and authentication methods as standard security and user verifications


    Additional Features: 

    • Event search
    • Option to include multiple event attendees at a time
    • Create an unlimited number of new calendars per user.
    • View events in an agenda format.
    • Show upcoming events in Roundcube sidebar.
    • Import or export events in iCal format
    • Access and add bank holidays and religious calendars from over 140 countries.


    Connect your world. Start optimizing with our all-in-one calendar solution for Roundcube webmail.