Plugin Type: User Interface

Wallpapers are the spice of our digital life. Change things up, make it personal! Not everyone's Roundcube needs to look identical. With the wallpaper plugin you can add your own photos and backgrounds with just a click.

With the free extension containing 366 full-HD images, you can make your Roundcube login page look awesome! The images will automatically change every day and provide a fantastic login experience for your users! (This feature is compatible with the Roundcube Plus skins only.)

Key Features

  • Choose from predefined wallpapers or...
  • Add your own photo.
  • Configure the Roundcube content box opacity.
  • Auto dark/light detection for icons and text.
  • Change the image opacity.
  • Change the image blur effect.
  • Fade the images to black and white.
  • Use the free image extension to make your login page awesome!
Price: $35.00
SKU: xbackground