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Upgrade to Roundcube 1.3.2

    We have released an upgrade to the skins and plugins that fixes some problems, introduces new functionality and makes sure that the software is compatible with the latest version of Roundcube (1.3.2.) The upgrade introduces some new skin config options that simplify customization and make it possible to enforce the default skin on all the user accounts regardless of the current user preferences. The licensing system has been upgraded and the problems with the incorrect instance count have been fixed. The Calendar got some improvements in its import and notification email procedures and the skins got a few minor UI improvements.

    We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of the skins and plugins even if you're not planning to upgrade your Roundcube to version 1.3.2. As always, the upgrade process is easy, quick and retains all the current config settings. Simply download the new software from the customer area of our website and overwrite the files on your server.