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The Calendar Plugin Upgrade

    We've just released a new upgrade to the calendar and framework plugins. The calendar sharing options got updated: it's now possible to choose which users will be notified when a calendar is shared with them. A new color management system helps with assigning colors to calendars and events, and the calendar list UI got refreshed to make sure it's clearer and works properly with all the skins.

    We also updated the management of the holiday calendars and fixed some reported problems. The messages displayed by the calendar have been updated and clarified: for example, the users are now notified if their shared calendars have been removed by their owners. The calendar also warns the users if they typed an email address but forgot to click 'Share' before saving the calendar. This was one of the easiest and most frustrating mistakes to make when trying to use the sharing functionality.

    The framework plugin got an upgrade to its mobile definitions, as well as some minor code fixes.

    The upgraded version of the plugins is available in our customer area.