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Roundcube Plus security upgrade

    We have released a software upgrade that includes important security fixes. If you're using the Roundcube Plus plugins we urge you to download the latest version and upgrade as soon as you can. Besides fixing the security issues, we also fixed a few UI problems, upgraded the third party libraries, added some new functionality and new translations. The file upload functions will now re-save the images to reduce their size on the server; you'll be able to give your customers a limited access to their own Roundcube configuration files; and if you're planning to upgrade to Roundcube 1.3.10 released a few days ago, you can rest assured that the skins and plugins will work properly.

    Important changes introduced in the latest upgrade:

    - security fixes in the xsignature and xbackground plugins
    - verified compatibility with Roundcube 1.3.10
    - updated the upload functions to re-save the uploaded images and reduce their size
    - added customer config support for multi-client systems
    - added a config option for disabling the mobile interface
    - fixed deleting recurring calendar events
    - fixed encoding of ajax error messages that include non-latin characters
    - fixed a number of plugin UI issues
    - fixed the iCloud skin interface
    - updated the mobiledetect library
    - updated the maxmind library
    - added the Hungarian calendar translation

    You can download the new files by login in to our customer area. Be sure to upgrade as soon as you can in order to take advantage of the security fixes included in this release.