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Roundcube iClassic skin released!

    We're happy to announce that one of our flagship themes so far available only to Ensignia users is now available for Roundcube! The theme bundle includes three items:

    • iClassic desktop theme (for desktop browsers)
    • iClassic mobile theme (for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone)
    • Theme selector plugin (switches between the desktop and mobile theme depending on the device used)

    Taking into consideration your comments concerning our other mobile themes for Roundcube (Alpha and Litecube), we have designed iClassic Mobile to provide an even better user experience: the buttons and popup menu links are larger and easier to press and the page designs are more space-efficient. iClassic Mobile is the first in our new generation of mobile themes.

    The iClassic desktop/mobile package costs only $49 and can be purchased in our store. If you would like to see some screenshots of the theme, click here.