Roundcube hosting almost ready

12 Dec 2012

For some time now we've been working on creating a fully-featured corporate email hosting service based on Roundcube. We're glad to report that the work is going very well and we're nearing completion! This unique hosting service will be a specialized solution that will allow companies to outsource their entire email system to our servers. For example, if you own the domain "", you will be able to host "" on our server and your entire mail system will be handled by us--you'll never have to worry about it again. And you'll always get the latest and the best in corporate webmail technology available anywhere!

Not only will the hosting include Roundcube with all of our desktop and mobile skins, but also a selection of the most useful third-party plugins, all integrated and working together like a Swiss watch! The admins will be able to add and remove email accounts, as well as control the essential preferences of their webmail hosting through a special plugin we have created called "Hosting Settings". Of course the direct access to the mail via POP3 and IMAP will also be available.