Mobile skins upgraded

26 Feb 2013

As the Roundcube Team keeps upgrading the program and making it better, so do we regularly upgrade our skins to make them more complete and user friendly. This time it was the mobile skins that got a push forward in functionality: some of you reported that there was no way to expand or collapse the mail folders in the popup window on the mobile devices. We've added this functionality and you can now have full control of the mail directories in the mobile skins.

If you have an active license for our Roundcube skins, you can download the upgraded packages from our store. All skins currently available in the customer section of our store are fully compatible with Roundcube versions 0.8.0 to 0.8.5.

If you don't use our skins yet, we encourage you to try them! You can choose from an array of styles and colors to customize the looks of your Roundcube just to your liking! And you'll be able to conveniently access your webmail from your iPhone, Android or Window Phone! Visit our demo site to check out the latest and the best of what we have to offer!