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Major skin and plugin upgrade

    We're happy to announce a release of a major upgrade to our Roundcube skins and plugins! We've been working on the improvements and fixes for this upgrade for a number of weeks.

    Calendar improvement Highlights

    The shared calendar plugin got a number of improvements. The events are now fully compatible with the Roundcube timezone settings; the published events work with the private and public status; the sharing functionality got new permissions, and much, much more!

    Background images on the login screen

    A new functionality was added to the background plugin: it can now display full-screen background images on the Roundcube login page! We have prepared a special gallery extension that includes 366 images. Using this extension, you can configure the xbackground plugin to display a new image every day! The gallery can be downloaded from the customer area of our website. If you'd like to see how the images on the login screen look in real life, visit our demo. Click the two invisible buttons in the top right and left corners to navigate.

    More Plugin Update Highlights

    - added ability to set a login background image

    - updated the grid 'now' line to respect the user timezone specified in settings instead of the local browser date

    - updated shared calendar events to respect the event private/public status

    - updated published calendar events to respect the event private/public status

    - added event details to message body when event is sent by email

    - fixed dropbox interface with xcalendar that allows attaching files to events

    - fixed google drive  interface with xcalendar that allows attaching files to events

    - fixed signature designer problems with the logo image files being deleted when saving identity

    - made signature plugin compatible with SQLite

    - fixed weather settings page UI on mobile devices

    - routed the weather data request via xweather on the server to make avoid request problems when RC runs over ssl

    - changed weather country display to reflect the actual location

    - and more

    Skin improvements

    All the skins got user interface overhaul;the screen elements got polished up, aligned, and evened out, so the graphic experience is more streamlined, useful, and pleasant. There were a number of browser compatibility fixes and adjustments to make sure the skins work properly with all the plugins.

    More Skin Update Highlights

    - restructured css to fix a number of UI problems

    - fixed the display of the disabled menu items

    - fixed text colors on Edge, IE, and Firefox

    - fixed compatibility with xbackground

    - fixed compatibility with xcalendar

    - made the skin compatible with xbackground login images

    - fixed toolbar icons for the markasjunk2 plugin

    - fixed remote font loading problems on cpanel

    - made it possible to set the hero image using xskin's config

    - and more

    There were also a number of other improvements: some potential security problems were fixed, new icons were added, some translations were updated, and more.

    We encourage you to download and upgrade your skins and plugins to give your users an even better webmail experience!