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A New Upgrade: Postgres and Elastic

    We're happy to announce the release of a major software upgrade that introduces a number of new features and fixes a lot of reported problems!

    Postgres Support

    All of our plugins are now fully compatible with Postgres! With this upgrade, our software can be deployed on the three most popular database systems supported by Roundcube: SQLite, MySQL, and Postgres.

    Elastic Support

    We've upgraded all the plugins to be compatible with the new Roundcube skin: Elastic. Elastic will most likely be released with the next major version of Roundcube.

    This change required a lot of work to implement, but by re-writing our plugins ahead of time we're making sure they'll be usable as soon as Elastic gets released. This way our clients won't have to wait to upgrade to Roundcube 1.4 on the account of incompatible plugins.

    Highlights of Other Changes

    We fixed a lot of issues with the calendar; some of those fixes were security-related, so we encourage you to upgrade your calendar plugin as soon as possible.

    The skins got full support for the Thunderbird Labels plugin, as well as a number of UI fixes.

    We added date and time logging to the Last Login plugin in order to improve account security.

    The compose plugin got a new config option that makes it possible to change the font family of the plain text composition window.

    Another new config option enables the admins to set the default visibility of the right sidebar.

    The News Feed's list of predefined RSS channels got cleaned up and brought up to date.

    New Skins in the Works

    We're in the process of creating a new set of skins that are based on the upcoming Elastic skin. The new skins will be fully responsive and they'll have some exiting new features as well.

    Besides enjoying the improved looks of the webmail, the users will be able to customize the skins on the new "Look & Feel" page. They'll be able to select one of the four available icon sets; make the font larger or smaller; select a font family from a predefined list, and of course, change the design colors.

    Another interesting option of the new skins will be the ability to include a larger company branding. If you looked at the preview of the Elastic skin, you may have noticed that its new page layout can only accommodate a small square branding logo. There is no space for a larger logo with text that was available in the older Larry skin. Seeing that this might be a problem with some of our clients, we have designed some of our new skins to follow the traditional page layout that allows the companies to include a text-based logo.

    Get Ready for CalDAV

    We're also working on adding a CalDAV server to our calendar. CalDAV support will make it possible to connect external calendars like iOS Calendar, Thunderbird, Evolution or eM Client to your Roundcube calendar in write mode. Our plugin will be the only Roundcube calendar featuring this functionality.

    To download the latest version of the skins and plugins, head to our customer area!