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25 May 2016

We're pleased to announce the upgraded version of the skins that are compatible with Roundcube 1.2. The new packages are available for download in the customer area.

Roundcube 1.2 is a major release that introduces a lot of fixes and new features: it's compatible with PHP 7, it includes functional PGP encryption via the Enigma plugin and the Mailvelope browser extension, it allows dragging and dropping attachments from the mail preview to the compose window and much more.

This latest release received a lot of security updates, so upgrading is highly recommended.

10 May 2016

We'd like to confirm that our skins are fully compatible with the latest release of Roundcube (1.1.5). Since this new version introduces a number of security fixes, an upgrade is highly recommended.

We're also pleased to announce that we've upgraded our skins to be fully compatible with the rcguard plugin. Rcguard displays reCAPTCHA on the login page after a set amount of invalid login attempts: a useful feature to prevent email account hacking.

To upgrade your skins, download the latest version from our customer area.

5 Apr 2016

Keeping up with RC we are fully compatible with Roundcube 1.1.4

If you haven’t upgraded your Roundcube skins recently, you’ll find the latest version  in our customer area.

10 Mar 2016

Our skin received a lot of attention lately as we released several upgrades introducing fixes, improvements and new features! On the desktop front, we've enhanced the compatibility with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, made the skins fully compatible with the cPanel release of Roundcube, and included support for three new plugins: managesieve, threecol and markasjunk2. We've also fixed a lot of issues that our users reported to us. The mobile versions of the skins also received a lot of improvements: • new icons and colors,
• iPhone interface upgrades,
• support for the Kolab calendar,
• better address book display,
• cleaner quick search,
• support for the compose status notifications,
• improved message list,
• new attachment view layout,
• and much more!
If you haven't upgraded your Roundcube skins recently, you'll find the latest version (4.8.2) in our customer area.

18 Sep 2015

A couple of days ago announced an update RC 1.1.3, which is now available for all users We are pleased to announce we are 100% compatible with RC 1.1.3. If you haven't updated in the past 60 days, as always, we recommend keeping your downloads and RoundCube webmail up to date. Download the latest update in your customer area.  

25 Jun 2015

Swipe Gestures Available With Upgrade 4.7

The newest version of has arrived with exciting new updates for mobile users. We've optimised the software to enhance the physical design. Swipe gestures are now available for a more fluid navigation of your roundcube mail.

Swipe left or right - see what happens.


4.7 (2015/06/10)

- upgraded and changed the looks and functionality of the mobile menu
- added mobile message list gesture: pull down to refresh
- added mobile message list gesture: slide left to open message options
- added mobile message view gesture: slide the header left/right to go to next/previous message
- fixed and made available some mobile submenus that were inaccessible
- fixed folder list indentation
- fixed mobile folder subscription table expand/collapse icons
- added the "Use mobile skin" link to the top menu of the desktop skin
- changed order of the mobile menu items to make them more accessible

Upgrades are now available here!

20 May 2015

Stay up to date with our latest webmail release.

Already a member? Get your FREE update.


Change log 

4.6.4 (2015/04/28)
- updated the login page to show the myroundcube taskbar
- login page css fixes
- moved some code from the skin to rcs_skins to make the system more compatible with third-party plugins

4.6.2 (2015/04/07)
- added the rcs_login_branding_<skin> and rcs_frame_branding_<skin> config variables for specifying company logos
- removed the support for the (skin) marker in the skin_logo variable
- fixed hover star and flag icons in the message list
- fixed spellcheck dropdown button
- fixed spellcheck button highlight when active
- fixed spellcheck list checkbox icon

4.6.1 (2015/03/17)
- fixed additional field icons on the compose page

5 May 2015

Since our last major upgrade in March, we've been busy at work improving the skins. Last month we released 4 upgrades packed full of changes!

There's a new and easier way to brand the skins with company logos, there's new support for the MyRoundcube taskbar on the login page and a lot of fixes that make the skins more user friendly.

Don't forget to upgrade to the latest version of the skins today!

11 Mar 2015

This week brought another exiting upgrade to the Roundcube skins! The upgrade includes some new functionality, new settings, speed optimization, support for more plugins and a host of small fixes and improvements!

For example, you can now switch to a desktop skin on a mobile device with a tap of a button! Your preferences will be saved in a cookie, so you can customize the usage of mobile or desktop skins on all your devices individually. To restore the mobile skin, simply use the gear drop-down menu and tap "Enable mobile skin."

New config variables make it possible to control more skin functions and the changes to the file structure and the optimization of the code will have a positive effect on the loading time.

If you haven't tried our skins yet and you still struggle with the default Roundcube interface on your phone or tablet, the solution is just a click away!

17 Feb 2015

We're happy to announce that we've upgraded all our skins to be fully compatible with the latest release of Roundcube: version 1.1.

This release is a major milestone for Roundcube that's been in the works for many months. It includes new options, new functionality and new security fixes.

Please note that this new release has some new server/browser requirements. You can find more information about it in this Roundcube blog article: New stable version 1.1.0 released.

Our existing customers can download the upgraded versions of the skins from the customer area.

If you haven't tried our skins yet, visit our store and get them today!

28 Jan 2015

Technology doesn't stand still and neither do our products! It's our pleasure to unveil a new release of our skins: version 4.4.

The new skins are fully compatible with Roundcube 1.0.5 and the latest versions of the MyRoundcube plugins.

Our cutting-edge integrated mobile technology is now available for all our skins, not only Outlook and iCloud. This means that both the desktop and mobile devices are handled by a single skin and there's no need to install separate skins for different device types.

And don't miss the new look of the Alpha and W21 skins! They've been re-designed from ground-up to conform to the latest web trends, they include color-changing functionality and webfont icons to make sure everything looks sharp on high-resolution screens.

Following the feedback we received from our clients, we decided to discontinue supporting the Corporate and Bravo skins. Having less skins to upkeep will provide us with more time to make them better and release them faster.

So don't delay! Download the new skins from the customer area if you're an existing customer, or purchase them in our store.

And don't forget that Roundcube 1.0.5 is a vital security release and you should upgrade to it as soon as possible. You will find more information here:

Thank you for using our skins! We hope you enjoy them!

30 Oct 2014

Upgrade for Outlook 4.1.1 now available here:

Change Log (Outlook 4.1.x)


- fixed color problems under Roundcube 0.9.x
- changed the skin code structure to be more flexible
- fixed identities combo display in mobile

- fixed the login page label on Roundcube 0.9

Free upgrade available for all Outlook and MegaPack users. Login to your account here and download the latest version.

24 Sep 2014

The iCloud skin is the new and improved iClassic!  iCloud webmail skin is fully responsive and adjusts itself to desktop and mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone). It fully supports MyRoundcube plugins like Calendar, Planner, etc... Using this skin you'll feel like you're navigating Apple iCloud. It features a familiar interface and retina icons.

Browse our icloud gallery here


The new iCloud theme is available on it's own or included in our Mega Pack. Be sure to stay current to ensure smooth integration - update now!


Customers that already run iclassic or megapack - visit your customer area to get your free upgrade.


9 Sep 2014

LiteCube's latest update is now available for download here.

We have updated our web mail skin LiteCube to be compatible with RC's latest release. The update comes with upgrades, improvements, better compatibility with plugins and fixes for the latest RC release.



4.1 (2014-07-28)
- upgraded to be compatible with RC 1.0
- changed the skin format to be more flexible
- extended the skin from larry making it possible to use larry's plugin templates
- made the skin compatible with changing the logo via the config setting


The LiteCube theme is available on it's own or included in our Mega Pack.

If you are already an existing member, to upgrade go to your members area 

30 Jul 2014

We are proud to announce our latest upgrade is now available, and we are now fully compatible with Roundcube 1.x. Our brilliant programmers have rewritten the code to not only work with the latest Roundcube version, but also 90% of the available plugins. We were also able to get many of them to work with our mobile skins.

Upgrades include:

1. Fully compatible with Roundcube 1.x

2. Desktop skins fully compatible with all the MyRoundcube plugins (

3. Desktop skins directly based on Larry, which for the most part eliminates the need for copying skin templates to the plugin directories to make the plugins work.

4. Mobile skins integrated with the desktop skins, so one skin handles both the desktop and mobile devices.

5. Mobile skins re-created to handle all the RC 1.x functionality

and more.....

We will be upgrading the rest of our skins on with the same functionality so keep an eye  your customer area for updates.

Take a look at our latest outlook theme for webmail clients here

26 Jul 2014 is proud to present our new and updated outlook theme. You can now run your own version of webmail design on your desktop and mobile powered by roundcube.

Check out our gallery here

Try the demo here: 

The template switcher automatically detects if you are using an iphone, android, or any other smart phone with a mobile browser.

The outlook theme is included in our Mega Pack.

22 Jan 2014

We have made some small improvements to the Roundcube mobile skins: the error message page and the button background problems have been fixed and the missing attachment icon has been included. The upgraded skins can be downloaded from the customer area of our shop.

12 Dec 2013

We fixed a bug in the mobile skins that occasionally caused problems when loading the identity editing pages. If you'd like to upgrade your mobile skins, you can re-download the upgraded versions from the customer area. The desktop skins are not affected by this bug and don't need to be upgraded.

28 Nov 2013

A while ago we started using SVG images for skin icons on mobile devices. We got some positive feedback about this change as it improved the quality of the images.

Unfortunately we also discovered that the current version of cPanel blocks SVG images from being served and some of you had to downgrade to using PNGs for your icons. We have communicated this problem to the cPanel developers and they promised to fix it in the upcoming cPanel version (11.40.1).

The good news is that we found a workaround for this problem and upgraded our mobile skins so they can use SVGs even under the current version of cPanel. If you're using Roundcube under cPanel, we encourage you to upgrade your mobile skins and fix the icon problem once and for all.

The upgraded mobile skins are available in the customer area.

1 Nov 2013

A new version of Roundcube has just been released (version 0.9.5). It contains some important security updates, including a fix for a vulnerability that can allow the attacker access to files, execution of SQL queries and code. We encourage you to upgrade your Roundcube as soon as possible.

We have updated our skins to be fully compatible with newly-released version of Roundcube. If you have an active license, you can download the latest skins from our customer area. The mobile skins for RC 0.9.4 remain compatible with 0.9.5 and don't need to be re-installed. Only the desktop skins have been modified and should be upgraded.