Admin - Tag Manager

Insert HTML, CSS and Javascript code snippets to any Roundcube page.

Price: $65.00

Integrate - Adsense

Add your google adsense account and begin earning

Price: $45.00

Integrate - Dropbox

Save or attach files directly from Dropbox into email messages

Price: $25.00

Integrate - Google Drive

Save or attach files from Google Drive to any email message

Price: $25.00

Productivity - Shared Calendar

A professional shared calendar & agenda, designed for both mobiles & desktops

Price: $45.00

Productivity - Signature Designer

A complete professional signature, automatically appended to every outgoing email

Price: $45.00

UI - Wallpapers

Change your roundcube background image. Add your own or use preset wallpapers

Price: $35.00

Widgets - News, Weather, Login, Quotes

The widget sidebar is a fantastic tool for quick glancable information and shortcuts

Price: $35.00