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Do you offer installation and deployment of Atlas?
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Yes indeed we do. If you would like us to set Atlas up for you we can do it for a small fee of $49. Contact us if you need the help.
Do we need to keep our roundcube install if using Atlas?
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You can, but you don't have to. If you want to keep it, you can link the Atlas database with your existing one so they both share the same information no matter where the customer accesses their webmail. ...
Does one license of Atlas allow for users of different domains access to their mailboxes?
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Yes indeed it does. You can have various options on Atlas, one central domain for all users on the same server to access ...
How to I add multiple server configurations to the same Atlas account
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Click the top of the Atlas console “Default Profile” —> “Create Profile”, then switch to the new profile to add the next server. ...